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Leatt® Kart Brace


Leatt® KART Brace is our karting-specific neck brace with correct driver fit. Adjustable front and rear tables. Fibreglass reinforced polyamide construction and Biofoam padding. Drive safe!

Patented Alternative Load Path TechnologyTM helps reduce forces on the spine, and helps to disperse energy away from critical areas, during impact. This principle is pivotal to the Leatt-Brace® design, and a world first.


  • Karting-specific neck brace with reinforced back upper
  • Alternative Load Path TechnologyTM
  • CE Approved
  • Made from Injection molded fibreglass reinforced, polyamide resin
  • Fully adjustable front and rear tables
  • Padding is biomechanically designed to cushion the chin
  • The thoracic member is engineered to help keep the brace in position, so it doesn't tilt forward or backwards during an impact
  • The rear-upper support acts as a 'crumple-zone', giving way under a severe load
  • Colour: Black/Black
  • Approx. weight: 900g ± 50g
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